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Mastering Immigration Law Subscription Updates Jan – Mar(pt1) 2019

Over the last three months, our Mastering Immigration Law subscription service has been finely tuned to incorporate the latest changes in Immigration, however with so much new information coming through almost daily it’s taken us a little longer than usual to make sure everything is spic and span for our subscribers. So here we have a healthy dose of updates for you today…

First up, two brand new eBooks have been added to your MIL | eBooks Module, these are:

  • Leave To Remain (2019)
  • Families With Children (2019)

Both new eBooks have been heavily updated by HJT Director Mark Symes, and may be downloaded directly from your account. Your online course for Leave to Remain has also been updated to reflect the new eBook. Access the online course in your account. 

Next up, we have updated the following Modules with new recap videos, including new audio recorded by HJT Director David Jones:

Videos recaps may also be viewed in their dedicated Videos Unit in the Course Curriculum, please click the link above and scroll down to the final unit to view.

Below you will find a list of all the new updates available in your Modules, covering content from January to February 2019 and part 1 of March 2019:


AMA on Refugee Convention guidance regarding cessation of refugee status, and international relocation in that context 8.7

Revisions to section ‘General Grounds for refusal’ 2.3

Revision to para on ‘contriving to frustrate the rules 2.3.3

New ‘top tips’ section on the series of English language test fraud cases, including Ahsan and Khan 2.3.3

New paragraph on good character refusals under general ground for refusal 322(5) 2.3.5

Revision of para on refusal of leave to enter and grounds for cancellation at port or outside the UK 2.3.4

Addition of Fiaz  and Mohibullah under ‘curtailment’ 2.3.7

TN (Vietnam) and the handling of decisions under the detained fast track 9.4

PAA on oral decisions in the FTT 14.5.9

Mansur on the impact of an immigration adviser’s failings on proportionality 5.5.4

Removal of ‘specified documents’ requirement for Ancestry ILR 4.1.2

Prohibition on Tier 5 Seasonal Workers sponsoring family members 7.6.14


New paragraph on ex gratia payments for Home Office maladministration 5.5.7

SB (Sri Lanka) on the assessment of credibility and objective risk 8.2

Update on procedural safeguards in Dublin 3 cases – Al Chodor, Hemmati and Omar9.5.1

BJ & Ors on requests for a state to take responsibility where a parent had naturalised following a grant of refugee status 9.5.1

New section on tribunal guidance on FTT’s power to review its own decisions

JS & Ors – guidance on the appointment of litigation friends for minors

IK and IK (Turkey) and OA and Others on the relevance of satisfaction of immigration rules other than those applied for, and ‘new matters’ under s85(6) NIAA 2002

March – Part 1

Please note: further content amendments, arising from Statement of Changes HC1919 of 7 March 2019, will be made and announced in next update.

Closure of the Tier 1 Entrepreneur route and transitional arrangements 7.2.1

New paragraph on the opening of the Innovator route 7.2.1

Closure of the Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur route and transitional arrangements 7.2.2

New paragraph on the opening of the Start-up route 7.2.2

Amendments to the requirements of the Tier 1 Investor route 7.2.5

Extensive new section on Brexit negotiations, settled status, temporary EU leave and the rules up to date in the alternative cases of a deal- as well as no-deal Brexit 11.1

You may also find these updates and previous updates in MIL | Updates & Documentation

Please look out for second update this month following new information from the latest Statement of Changes document.

As always we would be grateful for subscribers’ feedback on any of our content and website functionality – please send by email to with subject heading ‘MIL suggestion box’. 

We hope you find these updates useful and remember to include in your training plan for your CPD Activity. Stay tuned for more updates!

If you require any assistance with your subscription, please call us today and we will be happy to help.

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