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Snippets from Spain Part 2

To illustrate what was stated on the Spanish perspective of Brexit in the blog, Snippets from Spain part 1, Brexit is indeed a hot topic of conversation from a wide and diverse number of people; however it is not all absorbing as it is currently in the UK. Not unnaturally people in Spain tend to observe Brexit and its implications through their own perspective; so to comments from a Spanish estate agent born, living and working in Orgiva.

Local Viewpoint

Juan Manuel, the next door neighbour came round for a chat about Brexit. He came bearing welcome gifts of gorgeous olives and a bottle of the most amazing homemade wine that he told me he had bottled last December. Meanwhile my hosts prepared a delicious lunch for us all.

[su_box title=”Top Tip” box_color=”#7f7672″]If you are going to have a discussion about Brexit you may as well do so in the most favourable and enjoyable circumstances possible.[/su_box]

Juan explained his job and was more than happy to share his views on Brexit which he emphasised were only his own opinions. Over to Juan:

I work in real estate in Orgiva. I find houses for people. My clients are from all nationalities, Spanish, German, French American, Russian, China, The UK, Denmark, Arabic countries, everywhere.

I am well known in the area for what I do and I have many connections with the owners of properties. I like to get to know my clients well then I can find the right people to live in the right property.

What I know is from talking to a lot of English people who live here is that they don’t want Brexit.

Of course we don’t know yet what is going to happen and nothing will change whilst the process happens. For me there will not be a big impact because there are 75 nationalities around here. I am not dependent on the English buying the houses.

I see it all as a big mistake.  First of all Cameron had a referendum. Everyone here was surprised. Everyone here was asking everyone else why?  We all thought, and I certainly thought it was almost like a joke.  Then this woman (May) comes along and just decides to implement the judgement of the result that Cameron had instigated. I do not see it as being clean.

How can the UK behave in 21st Century as if it is still the 19th Century? Are they living in a dream, in some fantasy?

One example for me is a UK person who retires here may come with up to Euro 1,000,000. Here they can live like kings with that money. They can buy property and still have a lot of money to have a very nice life.  It is then more difficult for them to sell their property here and move back to that lifestyle.

For me after Brexit everything will be the same; when one door closes another opens.  That is not really the case for the UK. That is an island and dependent on what is coming and going.

For my UK clients it is too early to judge the effects Brexit is going to have.

The estate agents on the coast are also saying they are not dependent on the UK. In Spain along the coastal areas there are presently more Chinese and Russian clients than from the UK; before it used to be mainly the British.

I have noticed here that people who live here from the UK regret Brexit. Everyone was wondering how May came to power.

I think it is a shame that some politicians finished the dreams of people and of the country in general.”

So it is not all “They can’t do without us. They must give us our own demands or they will be the losers” which seems to be the perception of many of our politicians at the moment.

[su_box title=”Recipe for the occasion, Paella of the region” box_color=”#25bed5″]

A simple dish to make but important to note use only high quality ingredients to make a complete success of this classic dish

Preparation time around 45 minutes, including cleaning the cockles and mussels

Cooking time 15-20 minutes – Feeds 4


1          Cup of Paella Rice (one cup of arroz redondo/ round rice from Valencia is best)

6          Garlic, peeled and sliced

2          Sweet peppers, 1 red and 1green cored and sliced

3          Tomatoes cubed (plum or large vine tomatoes advised)

2          Tablespoon of Olive oil (Highly recommended Fernando’s Friends and Family first cold pressed premium quality extra virgin olive oil)

1Kilo   Sea food (prawns, shrimp, squid, muscles, cockles)

½ Cup White wine

½ tsp   Sea salt

1 Pinch Saffron strands, soaked in boiling water



1              Clean the cockles and mussels

Put the mussels into cold water. Discard any that are broken or any that stay open even after being given a knock. Scrub them to get rid of any seaweed etc. that may be on them; then scrape the beards off.

Cockles need more cleaning than cooking. It is not hard but take care to do this because otherwise you will end up with sand in the food.

Soak the cockles in salted water, 20 grms salt to 1 litre of water, for a minimum of half an hour. This will encourage the cockles to open up and drive out the sand.

Take the cockles out, change the water and rinse to remove all the sand. If you want (or if there is any sand left) you can repeat.

2              Make a “sofrito”

In a pan blanch the garlic in one tablespoon of olive oil. Then add the peppers and turn gently in the oil to blanch. Finally add the tomatoes and a pinch of salt. Cover and cook gently until all amalgamated as a sauce.

3              Prepare the shrimps and prawns

In a second pan boil the shrimps and prawns slowly until just cooked (turned pink). Peel as appropriate.

4              Make the final paella dish

In a Paella pan or a flat based frying pan heat one tablespoon of olive oil.

Add the rice and salt to taste and stir fry so all the rice grains are covered in olive oil.

Add the sofrito

Add the squid and cockles

Add the saffron

Add the white wine

Add the water from the shrimps and prawns, through a sieve.

Leave to cook for 10 minutes

Add the cooked prawns, shrimps and the mussels.

Continue to cook for a further couple of minutes until the mussels open. (Discard any that don’t).

It is ready to enjoy. Buen Provecho


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