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Legal update for week 22nd November 2018 to 28th November 2018

28/11/18 EU Settlement Scheme: application processing times current expected processing times for the second phase of the pilot running until 21/12/18

28/11/18 Article on Asylum Aid video guide for asylum seekers going to their asylum appeal hearing

28/11/18 DNA evidence in immigration applications: review information including helpline for those who were asked to provide DNA evidence as part of their immigration application

28/11/18 Page UK nationals in the EU: essential information now with updated citizens’ rights section to reflect the 25 November Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration

28/11/18 New collection Exiting the European Union: Publications to support understanding and assessment of the agreement with the EU

27/11/18 List Endorsing bodies: Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur)  Durham University has been added and Bedfordshire University removed

26/11/18 New CPIN Sudan: Report of a fact-finding mission to Khartoum, Sudan

26/11/18 Information page EU Settlement Scheme pilot: applicant eligibility  added deadline before 22/12/18 for consideration under the pilot running 1/11/18-21/12/18

26/11/18 Preventing and tackling forced marriage call for views on a mandatory reporting duty on certain professionals, and on how government guidance should be updated

26/11/18 Wightman and Others v Secretary of State for Exiting the EU application for permission to appeal to the Supreme Court and case summary

26/11/18 Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration laid before Parliament following political agreement

25/11/18 Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration with explanatory documents

25/11/18 Article on Home Office review into para 322(5) refusals – SNP MP accuses Government of a lazy and cynical misapplication of the Immigration Rules

23/11/18 J1, R (on the application of) v SIAC & Anor [2018] EWHC 3193 (Admin) revocation of ILR under s76(1) NIAA 2002 does not involve a forward-looking assessment and thus does not itself engage Art 8

23/11/18 Basir, R (on app of) [2018] EWCA Civ 2612 there is no discretion to allow a variation application while leave is already extended under s3C(2) IA 1971

23/11/18 New page EU Settlement Scheme employer toolkit: Welsh materials for employers to support EU citizens and their families to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme

23/11/18 Page Review into the requirement for DNA evidence to be provided in immigration cases updated to include a helpline number for those whose immigration cases were affected

23/11/18 List European passport return service: Scotland service now available in Falkirk

23/11/18 Updated guidance Sponsor guidance appendix F: Tier 5 (International Agreement) no changes are specified

22/11/18 Article on publication of para 322(5) refusals review

21/11/18 Ayubi v Bezirkshauptmannschaft Linz-Land C-713/17 lesser social benefits entitlements for refugees with temporary leave are incompatible with Art 29 Qualification Directive 2011/95

22/11/18 Updated page Independent review of the Modern Slavery Act now includes information about the 2 phases

22/11/18 New guidance Tier 1 (General) operational instruction for caseworkers considering applications where there are discrepancies in their self-employed earnings records

22/11/18 Review of Tier 1 (General) settlement refusals relating to incorrect refusals under paragraph 322(5)

22/11/18 Database Asylum support tribunal decisions

21/11/18 OISC Immigration assistance practice note on assistance to those applying under the EU Settlement Scheme (originally published 16/10/18)

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